Common questions.
What about Pets?

Properly installed, ProGrass grass is resistant to most animals trying to dig holes or disturb the grass.

How does the lawn drain in wet weather?

The backing has been designed with perforations to allow water to drain through. These holes will accommodate normal drainage and surplus water will run off the top just as is does with real grass or soil.

Where can Prograss products be installed?

Virtually anywhere! All that is need is a surface with a porous base for water drainage or cleaned cement/paved area.

Can we install Prograss products ourselves?

We do recommend professional installation but a handyman can certainly save some money by carrying out some basic preparation work. Alternatively we do have a DIY brochure available. Contact us for an obligation free quote or any other questions about DIY.

Frequently Used Terms
  • Monofilament:  Single strand of untwisted yarn co-polymer synthetic fibre.
  • Perforation:  The holes punched through the primary and secondary backing to allow water to drain.
  • PP:  Polypropylene
  • PE:  Polyethylene
  • Stitch Rate:  The number of stitches per 10cm along a stitch row
  • Yarn:  The material the individual tufts of grass are made from. Yarn is a continuous strand of twisted threads of synthetic materials used in weaving or knitting.