Superior Alternative Grass

We are leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of premium synthetic grass.

Specialists in Sport and Leisure Surfaces

Manufactured using Australian made yarn with the highest UV rating, this quality gives our grass a distinct advantage.

Innovation Made in Australia

Our range of 100% Australian made high-quality grass gives you the comfort and familiarity of real grass.

ProGrass Cleaning Service

We are the first company in Australia to address the problem of sanitising grass for school and childcare centers, as well as domestic landscape grass.

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Synthetic Grass


ProGrass’ artificial lawn functions as a superior alternative to natural grass and is highly suitable for residential, commercial and sporting purposes.
Australian Made Synthetic Grass


Our range of 100% Australian made high-quality grass gives you the comfort and familiarity of real grass.
Australian Made Synthetic Grass


ProGrass is well known for its innovative approach and the design of specific products to meet market conditions and customer needs.

ProGrass are the leading supplier of artificial grass in Melbourne, Brisbane and indeed the entire Sunshine Coast. We understand that everyone wants a perfectly manicured lawn but we also appreciate that our climate doesn’t readily facilitate this. That is why we created artificial turf that serves perfectly as a lawn and is a superior alternative to natural grass. Our products are perfectly suited for residential, commercial or sporting purposes.

We are industry leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of premium synthetic grass on the Sunshine Coast. Through our rigorous design and testing we have created artificial grass that gives you the comfort and familiarity that you associate with real grass but artificial turf is far easier to maintain, especially in our extreme climate.

In today’s modern world many of us simply don’t have time look after our gardens in the manner that they need or perhaps we would like. That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to have gardens that we are proud of and our artificial grass can certainly help with this. You can have a garden to be proud of without all the stress and hard work of maintaining a real lawn

Our range of 100% man-made, high-quality grass that is manufactured in Victoria and Queensland and we are recognised as being industry leaders. To ensure that all of our products are maintained in perfect condition we only make our artificial turf available through our trusted and approved distributors. Our entire range is 100% synthetic and 100% man-made and follows a similar production process but the final end product is determined by:

  • The material content
  • Adequate quality checks at every stage of production and installation
  • Overall industry expertise in production
  • Proficient installation

Both of our suppliers are quality assured manufacturers who are committed to using the most up-to-date and cutting edge technology which is combined with their years of experience in systems standards, testing and warranties. This means that our artificial grass is the finest that you will find in Melbourne and Australia which your friends, neighbours and even passers-by will be envious of your lawn.

There is nothing more satisfying than having a garden that others comment on and praise. Artificial grass has come a long way in recent years and we often get comments that it “look just like the real thing”. This is something that we are very proud of but we are endeavouring to improve all the time so we are constantly examining if we can make any minor tweaks or amendments that will make our grass even better.

At ProGrass we are renowned for our innovative approach which blends design of specific products to meet customer needs and market conditions and strive to continually improve our artificial grass. We see two main factors that contribute to the durability of synthetic grass and these are wear (deformation and abrasion of the pile fibre) and UV resistance (UV degradation is one of the most common factors in artificial grass failures). Therefore, all ProGrass products have been developed to withstand Australia’s harsh environment.

We want our artificial turf to look as good in a few years as it did the first day we installed it. We will never cut corners and feel that a large amount of our success is down to the fact we are always looking to be bigger and better. Our clients’ satisfaction is very important to us so we are interested to hear your comments and suggestions. We would like our clients to have the finest artificial lawns in Melbourne and Brisbane so we are already extremely proud of the product that we produce.

You will find that our artificial grass prices are some of the most competitive in Brisbane, Melbourne and Australia. When this is combined with the quality of our products you will appreciate the value for money that you receive. We ensure that all our clients are 100% satisfied with the final installation and this can only be achieved because of our passion for success and our ambition to offer only the finest quality products.

When you hear the name ProGrass we know that you will associate it with quality products and skilled workmanship. Together with our suppliers we will provide you with the best artificial grass in Melbourne and Brisbane. We would invite you to further peruse our website for more information about the products we supply and also examples of work that we have conducted in the past.

If you would like to know more about our artificial grass in Melbourne, Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast you can call us on +61 7 5450 7583, email us on or alternatively contact us via our website for more information about our product or our distributors. We offer the complete solution from the original planning concept, preparation of designs and budgets to the full construction and fit out of facilities.  Our team will be happy to provide more information or give you an obligation-free quote.