Residential Grass Surfaces

At ProGrass we are the leading supplier of artificial grass in Melbourne and Brisbane specialising in providing artificial turf for residential properties. We appreciate that everyone wants that perfect lawn but we neither have the time nor the climate to facilitate this. That is why we created artificial turf that serves perfectly as a lawn and is a superior alternative to natural grass. We have a range of different options available that will suit your existing surroundings and take into account what your primary objective is for your lawn.

We are lucky living on the Sunshine Coast as this gives the opportunity to spend lots of time enjoying our gardens. However, as we live in such a warm climate maintaining our lawns can prove extremely difficult and this is where artificial grass is so useful. With our artificial turf, you can have the lawn that you always dreamed of without the stress and hard work of trying to maintain a real lawn.

If you choose to install a ProGrass lawn at your home you will be the envy of all your friends and neighbours. Our lawns look as good several years down the line as they did on the day that they were installed. To achieve this, we must overcome the two factors that can cause problems with the durability of the grass. These are wear (deformation and abrasion of the pile fibre) and UV resistance (UV degradation is one of the most common factors in artificial grass failures). Therefore, all ProGrass products have been developed to withstand Australia’s harsh environment.

If you would like more information about our artificial grass for private residence you can call us on +61 7 5450 7583, email us on or alternatively contact us via our website for more information about our product or our distributors.