ProGrass Cleaning Service

ProGrass Sanitised Cleaning are proud to be the first company in Australia to address the problem of sanitising grass for school and childcare centers, as well as domestic landscape grass where children share the lawn with pets. The day has arrived when facilities can effectively treat surfaces, without the use of harmful chemicals. The ProGrass system makes a continual sanitation strategy possible and avoids high cost, repetitive chemical treatments.

Our cleaning system incorporates a heavy duty brushing and steam cleaning, followed by the first ever ultra violet light sanitation. ProGrass has recognised the need for truly mobile and affordable sanitation solutions for the broader institutional market including schools, childcare centre’s, sports/fitness facilities food service operations, critical care units and assisted living complexes. Our machine the only one in Australia, disinfect surfaces with powerful exposure of UV lights instantly destroying harmful micro organism, whilst creating an ultimate benchmark for institutional safety.

Other systems only brush the pile moving the dirt and germs around and not removing it. Our system cleans the fibre and the infill to give you a complete sanitized play environment for children while prolonging the life of your surface.

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Steam Cleaning

Step 2:
Rejuvenating Pile

Step 3:
Australia’s Only UV Sanitation Machine