Golf Surfaces

Our exclusive PGS system of revolutionary Australian synthetic turf and underlay technology, provides tournament standard chipping and putting performance. This makes our PGS Supergreen an ideal solution for dry climate areas. In fact, it is perfect for any situation requiring a premier all-weather surface which looks, feels and plays like natural turf – but without the associated levels of wear or maintenance.

Our golf grass surface:

  • Accepts a Golf Shot:  Receives chip and pitch shots just like a natural grass green. PGS Supergreen has the ability to absorb energy and dissipate impact from the ball landing, allowing it to check up and run naturally on the surface.
  • Plays Like Grass: On a PGS Supergreen you can chip into it, generate backspin to it, putt across it, speed it up or slow it down. In fact everything you can do with a golf ball on a natural green, you can do on a PGS Supergreen.
  • “Pitch” Marks: PGS Supergreen accepts the impact of a golf ball without damaging the surface.
  • All Year Round Play: Withstands all weather – play every day.

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Golf Grass
Golf Grass
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