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Bowling Greens

Bowling Greens

What Makes The Difference!

  • All of our full size greens are laid on the 45 degree diagional which allows play from both directions and off either hand and in any direction.
  • A variety of green speeds can be achieved by an adjustment to simple maintenance methods.
  • Having the highest UV stabilisation available they will outlast any woven product on the market
  • Maintenance whilst relatively simple can be carried out by a qualified greens keeper or an enthusiastic club member
  • Australian Made to suit Australian conditions with Warranty covered by an  Australian manufacturer 



Offers a product with 60% more yarn weight than competitive products.  DryMax Pro provides a more stable surface than woven products and requires no nstretching, minimal watering and rolling after the initial settling in period, does not scratch the bowls and the New Generation non-polypropylene yarn has 2 – 3 times more UV stability, thus providing a longer lasting surface.

Because of its 1550gram/m2 density, Dry Max Pro does not require the same amount of infill to support the fibres, as does the older versions of synthetic greens.  A ballast layer of infill is installed at the base of the green leaving a total yarn surface cover for the bowl to run on.

World Bowls Approved for indoor and outdoor flat bowling greens and endorsed under the Australian Made Campaign.


Master Pro Plus

A fantastic product and has been installed successfully throughout Australia during the past 10 - 12 years.  A non-directional artificial bowls system providing a unique, smooth playing surface.  Master Pro Plus is designed to stand up to all climatic conditions and the triple layer backing ensures optimum tuft-lock.  Master Pro Plus has a 15mm pile height and is designed so that the mineral infill is brushed into the base of the grass, leaving a total yarn surface cover for the bowls to run on.  

Pro Sports Ditch Covers

Installing the ProSports synthetic ditch covers to the ditch walls acknowledges the importance of protecting players bowls from damage and provides an aesthetically pleasing look to the green surround.  Our standard installation of a ProSports green automatically includes the covering of the ditch walls, however, the Pro Sports Ditch Covers can also be installed around a natural grass green. 



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